AGU Fall Meeting and a field trip to the Franciscan Complex

The 2016 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting took place in San Francisco 12-16 of December. It’s the world’s largest conference in Earth and space science with over 23,000 people attended in 2016. Team members, Jonathan Aitchison, Sarah Kachovich, Denis Stojanovic, and Renjie Zhou attended and presented in the conference.

Jonathan delivered a talk summarizing recent works in the eastern part of the Indo-Burma range in India. Sarah and Denis each presented a poster about new geochronological and paleontological results from Manipur, India. Renjie presented a poster on his recent work in eastern Australia, and chaired a session about sedimentary basin study in mountain belts.

The team also took the opportunity to visit the famous Franciscan Complex. The one-day field trip brought the members from San Francisco to the areas close to the Sonoma Coast State Park. Colleagues from University of Sydney, Geoffrey Clarke and Tim Champan, joined the trip.