Cambrian fossils from South China and South Australia

Our visiting student, Yan, who has been studying in UQ for a few months, gave a talk about Some Cambrian fossils from South China and South Australia on 26th August.

As we know, Cambrian plays a very important role in geological history. According to current global chronostratigraphic subdivision, the Cambrian System is now divided into four series, ten stages, of which some internal boundaries still remain undefined or unnamed. The Cambrian Explosion, during which most major animal phyla appeared, also stimulates our curiosity about the origin and evolution of life. Many fossils of Cambrian, especially early Cambrian, are poorly preserved and hard to identify. All these factors call for the continued search for more well-preserved, older fossils for further study. Yan showed some quite interesting fossils, including spicules and small shelly fossils.

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